The Whisky 16 is now available in 3-Layer ultra tough Polyethylene! Designed by Nigel Foster, to be everything he looks for in a kayak - and more. All you have to do is to try it – and you’re hooked. Even an absolute novice feels like Nigel Foster in the cockpit of a Whisky 16. On gentle waters the boat is comfortable, stable, and easily maneuvered – an ideal boat to develop skills.


Rough waters – smooth paddling - For the experienced paddler it is the ultimate playboat. With its fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, the Whisky 16 is designed to make the most of rough water, surf, and currents. It is perfect for day trips but spacious enough for a self-contained expedition paddling. The Whisky 16 comes into its own for exploring narrow passages and negotiating awkward corners where nimble turning is a delight.

The 3-layer PE construction gives the Whisky 16 stiffness and strength while decreasing the weight. The Whisky 16 has two large oval aft and bow hatches, a large round day hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water, and the Whisky- hatch, a smaller round hatch in front of the cockpit that opens to an under-deck compartment.

The padded cockpit comes fitted with an ergonomically designed seat which provides excellent support as well as providing the close contact needed when rough-water playing, and a highly functional back support that offers great comfort and lumbar support. The Whisky 16 3L is standard fitted with the Point 65 AIR-Backrest™, an inflatable backrest for ultimate comfort and support.

The compass recess on the fore-deck accommodates a Silva 70P compass which is optional. The Whisky 16 is standard fitted with a retractable skeg and footrests. Our price also includes the optional rudder control system.

The Whisky 16 recently received very favourable reviews in the legendary Sea Kayaker Magazine.


Point 65 Whiskey 3L – First Impressions by Andrew Gray:


As for plastic rotomould kayak the Point 65N Whiskey 16 is a great buy. The displacement hull makes it a dynamic touring/ surf / sea kayak


On its maiden voyage Jock did a down-wind run on from South Melbourne to Point Lonsdale took just under 6 hrs including a great storm front, then along to Torquay. It was super fun in the surf and to feel like a white water play boat, very easy and responsive to manoeuvre.Being a light paddler Jock found the Whisky needed some gear in the hatches to get the kayak to plane better – this helped trim the boat. This would be less of a problem for a heavier paddler.


The 3-layer construction – makes for a strong, robust - ideal for rock garden adventures and there is plenty of room to accommodate a range of paddlers sizes. Additional thigh braces would finish off a practical old school no fuss cockpit layout. 
The only slight disappointment is the inflatable backrest which was a bit of a gimmick and has been quickly replaced. 









  • Very stable open water kayak
  • Very maneuverable
  • Less Rocker - optimised for touring
  • Suitable for experts and beginners
  • Design Nigel Foster
  • SymmetrySkegSystem™
  • 3-layer technology
Length 488cm
3-layer MatriX polyethylene
Width 56cm
Weight 25kg
Capacity 155kg
2 years
Volume 345 l Aft Hatch 44x26cam
Cockpit size 78x41cm Day Hatch 20x20cm
Front hatch 44x26cm Whisky Hatch 15x15cm

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