Take the Prijon Millenium, stretch it, tweak it a bit, and you've got the Prijon Proteus, a leaner, faster, longer distance touring sea kayak of immaculate quality.

Boasting all the German quality features and extra comfort offered by any Prijon kayak the Proteus is ideal for the more competitive paddler, or paddlers looking for a craft to travel longer distances with less effort.

The Proteus is made for long and fast tours on open waters and along the coast. Pronounced keel-sections in the front and rear result in a long water line and consequently in a high cruising speed. A safe position in the water and a balanced relation between directional stability and maneuverability gives you anytime a superior feeling. Easy steering via its edges!

With it's great comfort features, retractable rudder, padded thigh braces, accessible storage, the Prijon Proteus is a great boat to paddle.





It is designed for long, fast tours in open waters and on the coast. Pronounced keel areas at the front and rear ensure a long waterline and thus a high cruising speed and excellent straight-line stability. The safe water situation thanks to the box-shaped construction and a well-balanced ratio of straight-ahead and maneuverability give a feeling of sovereignty in all areas. Over the edge, the PROTEUS can be steered excellently.


It is equipped with:

 - Two watertight sealed luggage compartments with light PE covers

 - Two large deck nets, one each in front of and behind the cockpit

 - Day hatch directly in front of the cockpit

 - Lanyard for attaching card and cover pockets

 - Paddle holder to build a boom for re-entry

 - Reserved paddle holder

 - Anti-theft device

 - Treidelleine

  • Length - 520 cm
  • Width - 57 cm
  • Mass - 21 kg
  • Payload - 140 kg
  • Paddler weight  - 75-105 kg
  • Storage space in front - 60 litres
  • Storage space at the back - 125 litres

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