A fantastic little recreational / touring kayak with great stability and beautiful lines giving it perfect tracking.

Large cockpit for ease of access, even for larger paddlers and high deck so that your legs are comfortable while paddling and so to dispel excess chop.  Suitable for day trips and medium-distance touring.  Introductory price = Unbeatable value for money.

A great recreational kayak for day excursions, fishing, photographing, and just having fun, there is a perfect Raider for everyone. The cockpit, designed for easy entry/exit, is large enough to suit all types of paddlers.The ergonomically designed seat provides leg support and a comfortable paddling position. Great looks, superb handling, comfortable price — and of course, the Raider is light enough to load and carry on your own, so you can take it wherever you go.

Includes retractable rudder and comfy padded seat. 

Review of Point 65 N Raider by Craig:

At 3.5m in length, the Point 65 Raider punches well above its weight for speed. An ideal kayak for an experienced paddler wanting a smaller knockabout for mixed use, or for a beginner, who knows they are going to get into this sport, and need something they can develop their skills in. At 20kg the Point 65 Raider is easy to manage out of the water too.

The Point 65 Raider has a large rear compartment with rubber hatch, suitable for light overnighters. The cockpit is simple, but effective, with a performance style seat, and a cockpit rim that can take a neoprene skirt, for more advanced use. Deck bungie in front, for keeping a dry bag or drink bottle handy. The Point 65 Raider has a rudder system to complete the package.




  • Affordable
  • Great tracking & performance
  • Great fun for expert & beginner alike
  • Rear hatch
  • Bulkhead
  • Footrests
  • Comfort backrest


  • Length  350cm / 11'10''
  • Width 63cm / 25''
  • Weight 22kg / 48.5 lbs
  • Capacity 135kg / 298 lbs
  • Cockpit 83x46cm / 33x18''
  • Rear hatch 44x26cm / 17x10''
  • Rudder optional

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