The Tyrant Wide Boy was designed to accommodate those heavier guys and gals looking for a shorter board to perform in the surf, providing plenty of buoyancy and stability.  As it turns out this SUP design has also proven very popular with paddlers who are new to using a SUP in the surf, and also those of us who are perhaps not as confident with our balance as others, but still wanting the thrill of riding waves.

The board has a wide, flat deck providing plenty of stability while the tight swallow tail allows it to turn with ease.

The perfect choice for people over 95kg who are looking to get into SUP surfing, or for anyone wanting the shorter length suitable for wave riding, combined with extra width for stability and buoyancy.

Bamboo deck, built in carry handle, deck pad and three fins are all included.  This thruster setup provides the perfect combination of tracking and manoeuvrability, allowing you to easily include or remove the two smaller fins to suit your specific  requirement on the day. 

Please note, Wood and Bamboo veneer design boards now come with beautifully natural Cork Deck Pads


EPS core without stringers. Both top and bottom deck have 2 layers glassfiber cloth with epoxy resin and 1 layer of bamboo veneer (the bamboo veneer on the bottom deck is not visible, as it is painted over).

Without the wooden stringer the board is lighter while the bamboo veneer reinforcement both the top and bottom deck renders it stronger than most boards that do contain stringers.

The fin plugs and handles have PVC reinforcement for extra strength.



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