Pedal drive kayaks are becoming more and more popular, especially with anglers as they give hands free propulsion allowing the fisherman to cast and play a fish whilst moving. The Mako 12 from Riot comes with the new Impulse drive – this propeller system allows the kayaker to pedal both forwards and backwards controlling the direction of the kayak with a hand operated rudder. The Impulse Drive unit is very light and can easily be removed and securely clipped to the bow of the kayaks when in shallow water.

The Mako is very well thought out with a comfortable seat that can be moved back and forth on rails to accommodate for different height pedalers. The Riot Mako 12 is slightly larger than the Mako 10 at 12’4” and better suited to heavier paddlers with a capacity of 200kg – but even this only weighs 33kg with the seat and drive removed.

Despite its light weight, the Mako has a full complement of fishing accessories already fitted including several gear tracks, flush mounted rod holders and even a fully fitted anchor trolley on each side.


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Stability test

Best features courtesy of Kayak Angler Fishing Magazine

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* Pedals backwards and forwards
* Also paddles well using a conventional kayak paddle
* Removable Pedal Drive
* 4 flush and a swivel rod holder     
* Handheld rudder control
* Deep Keel for perfect tracking
* Easily adjustable Vantage Seat
* Large Well on Bow and Stern 
* 6" round hatch at the rear

* 10' Hatch in Front
* Scupper Plugs
* Carry handles 
* Paddle Keeper

* Anchor Pulley 


Model Weight Length Width Capacity
MAKO 12 33 kg 12'4" / 3.76m 34" /86.4 cm 470 lbs. / 213 kg
  40kg's inc seat and drive      

Specifications : Material : High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with grade 12 UV stabilizer


Brand RIOT