Designed to give kayakers comfort and stability with agile yet reassured handling, the Halo 130 will make all of your adventures memorable. Experienced paddlers and those looking to develop their skills will appreciate the Halo 130’s potential. This is truly a light and fun kayak!

The ergonomic cockpit with our industry leading 5-Way Adjustable Seat will fit a wide range of paddlers. The new day hatch is within easy reach, along with the retractable rudder. Sharing many features with our touring kayaks, the Halo 130 also comes with safe hatches for storage, a full complement of safety lines and bungee cords on deck.

Inspired by the latest in advanced hull design, Boreal Design has crafted a fast, stable kayak that tracks effortlessly and ensures a “dry ride”. The Halo 130 has already gained praise from Outdoors Magazine and received their Gear of the Year Award.

Rough Water Ready – Beginner Friendly!


Review of Boreal Design Halo 130TX by Steve Hargrave:

The Halo 130 is a good choice for paddlers looking for a touring kayak with rudder that provides good performance/stability at under 16 kg in a very polished 4.0 m package.

The Halo 130 also has two water tight storage compartments making it a good option for kayak camping as it can swallow quite a lot of gear. 
Certainly a great craft to transition from a smaller recreational kayak into a touring craft, the Halo 130 has all the benefits of superior glide/performance and storage but no weight penalty.

The polycarb material has a lot of the stiffness and weight saving of glass/carbon craft but is more durable making the Halo 130 a great option for many paddlers.









Best used for Falt - Rough water

Day Touring

Small - mid size paddler

Model Weight Length Width Capacity
Halo 130 15.6 kg 3.92m 62.5 cm 102 kg