The Epsilon is the top selling series in USA for tour operators and rental fleets. This stable and predictable craft works with a wide variety of paddlers. A rudder, ample deck bungees, and a full compliment of deck safety lines are placed strategically to maximize your storage.

Boréal Design has invested in high quality materials in the construction. Our bulkhead installation is renowned as being the most reliable. With our easily adjustable foot sliders and spacious cockpit, the Epsilon accommodates a wide size range of paddlers, tall or short and up to 120 kg.

The Epsilon is a smooth, predictable and stable craft. Even in rougher water the ride is quite dry. Load up for a couple weeks and enjoy the speed of the Epsilon. Simply a delightful kayak to paddle while being able to count on its dependability!

Competitor Products: We are confident about this product and what it has to offer and so we invite you to check out the competition in terms of features and benefits, quality and overall value for money.


- Mission Eco Bezhig

- Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175

- Q-Kayaks Tasman Express