C-Kayak Australia Pty Ltd makes use of reputable couriers and will take every effort to ensure that your goods are suitably wrapped for transportation however there is always a possibility that goods may be damaged or lost in transit.

We therefore provide you with the option to insure your goods against possible freight loss or damage. This document serves to confirm the extent and nature of this coverage.

Freight insurance is provided through GIO. The cost of this insurance is $99 per shipment. In the event that goods are damaged in transit and you have taken the option to have them insured C-Kayak will ensure that the goods are replaced or repaired back to good order, depending on the nature and extent of the damage.

This insurance covers “real” damage ie structural damage or serious cosmetic damage to the goods which might impact its use or resale value. The insurance does not cover scratches, blemishes or other minor cosmetic impediments that might occur from time to time during normal handling, especially if these impediments are what might be expected to occur in any case within a short period of normal use. In the event that there is disagreement as to whether the impediments are “real” or not then the logic to apply is what is a reasonable outcome.

Before sending by courier all goods will be first inspected by C-Kayak to ensure that they are free of any defects or damage (with the exception of goods which are still in their original packaging as these goods will be deemed to be in good condition when shipped) In the event that goods are damaged when you receive them and it is difficult to ascertain whether the goods were damaged in transit or prior to being shipped then it will be deemed that the goods were damaged in transit (with the exception of manufacturers warranty issues, which will be referred back to the manufacturer for resolution)

By taking the decision to use this insurance option you are deemed to understand and accept the terms and conditions relating to freight insurance.